Why Do You Need to Choose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

You want your home clean, so you tidy up and remove those grime and dust on your floor and any surfaces. While some people prefer to do this on their own, some are just genuinely busy and prefer to hire a professional cleaning service that you might find in your locality. Either way, you will more likely end up harming the environment.

Why is it so? The answer lies heavily on the cleaning solutions that you use or make (if it is DIY) or the cleaning chemicals that your service company uses. There are numerous reasons why you need to choose eco-friendly solutions or hire a service company that uses environmentally-friendly cleaning ingredients and methods just like the Pompano Beach cleaning service, which are the following.

Different Toxins Contained in Cleaning Products

The following are three of the several toxic chemicals that are generally harmful but oftentimes seen in the cleaning solutions that we use:

1. Triclosan – this toxic chemical is commonly found on soaps, liquid or solid, that are labeled as antibacterial. Aside from this is harmful to any marine life, the chemical itself promotes the growth of bacteria resistant to drugs.

2. Phthalates – this toxic chemical is found inside many dish soap and scented air fresheners. As toxic as it seems, this ingredient is oftentimes left undetected as some sellers hide away the ingredient name behind the label “fragrance.”

3. Ammonia – this toxic chemical makes it hard for those who suffer lung diseases or who have a sensitive sense of smell. People who have asthma or issues in their lungs tend to have negative bodily reactions to ammonia. This chemical is too powerful that this causes skin discoloration, eye irritation, burning of the skin, and other negative health impacts.

Many of these chemicals are found in the cleaning solution and products available in the market. These are never safe for your pets and children at home. Some o the homeowners claim to have suffered some allergic reactions if not skin burning or eye irritation. I also trigger eczema and asthma. And we are just talking about the short-term effects that are caused by these chemicals Long-term effects are worse than this such as deterioration of the lungs or even cancer.

Is it advantageous to hire cleaning services that are for the environment? The answer is an obvious yes. Thankfully, there are many services that offer the best quality of service with eco-friendly ingredients and methods.

Green cleaning companies are able to offer you a safe environment and space that is completely clean from harmful substances. No matter how you put it, eco-friendly cleaning services just really provide good service by protecting the environment as well.

If you are interested in calling an eco-friendly cleaning service, go now and do not hesitate. These service companies are also relatively cheap, almost ask for the same payment as those cleaning services that use harsh chemicals.

Cleaning does not need to be toxic and harmful to life. And it starts with saving the environment and using eco-friendly ingredients and methods.

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